Board of Directors

The German International School Sydney is an Australian public company limited by guarantee, which is registered under the name German School Johannes Gutenberg and ACN 003 484 204. The company's Board of Directors is elected by the members and all work is voluntary.  

By registering a child at the school, parents become a member of the company.  

The Board is responsible for the overall governance and performance of the German International School Sydney. It oversees the school management team and the members of the Board are personally liable under common Australian company law.

If you would like to contact the board please do so via

Our board and their portfolios:

Bernd Winter (Chair)

Graham Lello (Treasurer)

Angelika Yates (Compliance and Legal Matters)

Olaf Pietschner  (Deputy Chair / Facilities)

Jennifer Gilmore (Human Resources)

Tammie Christie (Strategy & Governance)

Hansjoerg Knieling (Government Funding & Campus

TBA - (Pedagogical / Parent & Alumni Relations, School Community & Marketing and Events)