Pedagogical Principles


The German International School Sydney (GISS) is the only recognised German School Abroad in Australia which offers a complete school education from Preschool to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. Our school provides students with the highest quality coeducational teaching and education levels in a bilingual and multicultural environment.

The School offers the German graduation qualification Certificate after Year 10, or respectively the IB after Year 12. The IB diploma is recognised worldwide as a High School Certificate and a University Entrance Qualification, including Germany and Australia.

The School holds to the ideology of global tolerance and its teaching is embedded in European educational culture. We enable students to adapt readily to other German schools in Europe and the rest of the world.

We offer our students excellent educational opportunities.

Guiding Principle 1

We aim to develop students into responsible, reliable, competent and confident adults

Tolerance, acceptance, shared responsibility and initiative are important educational objectives for us.

Guiding Principle 2

We provide a quality education and our teaching methods are based on highly academic principles.

Our school’s curriculum is based on both the German and NSW curriculum to Year 10 and the IB Diploma Programme for Years 11 and 12. English is taught from Kindergarten to Year 10 and is based on the NSW curriculum. Our staff are highly qualified, internationally trained teachers who provide differentiated learning techniques, individual support, and encouragement.

Guiding Principle 3

We offer comprehensive, coeducational teaching methods at the highest level from Preschool to IB.

Transitions into different year levels flow smoothly at GISS and close relationships and cooperation between the different year groups ensure that students experience continuity as they progress up the school.

Guiding Principle 4

Our teaching methods represent a holistic learning concept

Students at GISS are encouraged to set high standards for themselves and to manage their weaknesses carefully.  Students should not only train their brain but learn by using their “head, heart and hands”. Our aim is to strengthen our students’ self-motivation, creativity and endurance, to help them fulfil and complete projects and plans with patience and proactivity.

Guiding Principle 5

Our curriculum emphasises the importance of languages and natural sciences.

German and English are taught to a native level.

In the bilingual IB both German and English language are used in lessons. New students are offered extra assistance in either German or English if required to ensure their full participation in lessons.

Guiding Principle 6

We offer a safe and open learning environment.

Our school is as much an inspiring learning environment as a place where students can feel at home. Our campus in Terrey Hills reflects this particular aim. The functionality of the buildings, equipment at our campus and the development of new learning and teaching methods support the demands of this objective.

Guiding Principle 7

We encourage a close ‘meeting of minds’ with Australia and promote environmental awareness and our responsibility for the environment.

Australian nature and culture play an ever-present role in our curriculum, and learning is supplemented by visits to places of interest outside the school. We support student exchanges with other schools in Germany or within Australia, and work with different institutions to this end.

Guiding Principle 8

We are experts in teaching and education.

Our teaching staff are trained to the highest level, are highly motivated and have excellent  international teaching experience in schools in Australia, Germany as well as other countries.

Guiding Principle 9

We nurture a culture of feedback.

Feedback is essential for the development of the School and increases its professionalism. We regularly evaluate teaching standards and content as well as other aspects of school life and discuss them at staff meetings. There is also an exchange between students, teaching staff as well as between parents and the overall school community.

Guiding Principle 10

We are committed to the highest quality teaching.

We understand that the quality of a school depends primarily on the quality of the teaching. The learning progress of our students is the highest goal of our pedagogical quality management. The quality standard also includes social learning, school atmosphere and management. Everyone has a part in our School’s quality: teaching staff, school management, administration, students and parents.


We are a vibrant school. We find it important to prepare students for the future and value a close cooperation between students, parents, teachers, management and the board of directors.

For this we need the voluntary support of parents. This vision is the basis of our actions and will be continuously evaluated and further developed.